Hylec releases new asphalt analyser

Hylec Controls has introduced a new fully automatic machine designed to
safely and accurately analyse asphalt mixtures in a laboratory environment.

Presenting an alternative to the use of a furnace to determine the
amount of binder and aggregate in an asphalt mixture, Hylec’s new asphalt
analyser employs solvent extraction to separate the two components from the
bitumen, and uses distillation to recover the solvent.

The new asphalt analyser offers several benefits: Operating under a
vacuum, the machine does not release any solvent fumes into the lab, instead using
a vent that can be connected externally or to an activated carbon filter. Since
the aggregate and binder samples are fully dried, there is no requirement for
drying in an oven later, which can cause problems with the solvent escaping
into the lab.

Hylec’s asphalt analysers operate at low
temperatures so that the binder weight does not decrease, as it otherwise would
in the furnace method.

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