Hylec releases LBG’s pull off force tensile test machine

Hylec Controls presents a new tensile test machine from Italian company LBG,
designed to measure the pull-off force of a specified plate glued to various
building materials such as concrete, tiles, laminates, adhesives and epoxy
pastes. The pull-off tester allows the tensile strength of concrete or
adhesives to be measured accurately.

LBG’s tensile test machine consists of an alloy body and a miniature
load cell that provides highly accurate measurement results. Test results are displayed
on a digital LCD indicator.

Strength readings can vary with the rate of loading. The machine uses
feedback control to apply the load at a constant ramp rate and a load cell to measure
the load to within 1 per cent.

Suitable for both lab and on-site testing, the pull off force tester
requires a 100W power supply if used on-site. When compared to manual machines
used currently for the purpose, LBG’s tensile test machines deliver greater accuracy
in load measurement or control of load rate.

LBG is part of a long established Italian group of companies specialising
in materials testing. 

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