Hylec releases heavy duty industrial freezers

Hylec Controls presents a new range of heavy duty industrial freezers
from CSZ, a well-known US manufacturer of environmental chambers.

The heavy duty industrial freezers are suitable for freezing parts of
fixed or mobile equipment used in the mining industry. Recommended for shrink
fitting of bearings in mining applications, the industrial freezers are also
ideal for metallurgical applications with steel including age hardening, stress
relieving, martensiting, and dimensional stabilisation.

Key features of the CSZ heavy duty industrial freezers include water-cooled
cascade refrigeration system used to cool to -85¡C or, or liquid nitrogen option
to cool down to -185¡C; standard unit suitable for workshop with a cooling
water supply up to +30¡C; skid mounted ruggedised version suitable for
transport on rough roads; and separate ruggedised air-cooled water chiller suitable
for ambient temperatures up to +55¡C also available to provide the freezer’s
cooling water supply.

Faster cooling rates can be achieved using a
chiller filled with a natural non-toxic heat transfer fluid. These chillers
offer a cost effective alternative to using liquid nitrogen for freezing
machine parts prior to shrink-fitting, especially when nitrogen transport costs
are high.  

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