Hydroflux releases new technology to create phosphate fertiliser from sewage

Water and wastewater treatment specialist Hydroflux has launched a
revolutionary new technology that can be used by sewage treatment plants to
produce their own phosphate fertiliser.

Even as world reserves of phosphorous are diminishing, the new Hydroflux
technology presents a new opportunity for sewage treatment plants to remove
struvite and create phosphate fertiliser as a by-product.

Hydroflux’s technology called AirPrex is an advanced struvite removal
and bio-solids enhancement process developed by German cleanteq group CNP. Now
available in Australia and New Zealand through Hydroflux, AirPrex can remove
struvite to produce rich fertiliser while also reducing the phosphorus load
returned to the plant by 90 per cent.

By reducing phosphorous content, the plant can improve sludge dewatering
performance, reduce polymer consumption, create higher cake solids and decrease
overall operational expenditure.

Hydroflux Director John Koumoukelis comments that the technology is
ideal for municipal sewage treatment plants as it removes struvite without
increasing chemical use. Struvite can block pipes and cause other expensive
mechanical issues. He adds that AirPrex provides a sustainable source of this
phosphorus while reducing the plant’s operational expenditure.

CNP GmbH of Germany has installed the AirPrex technology throughout
Europe. The technology is highly recommended for sewage treatment plants with
equivalent population loadings from 50,000 through to 1.5 million.

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