HYDAC releases CMS series mobile coolers

HYDAC introduces the CMS series of cooling mobile systems designed for
the engines of mobile machinery.

Progressive reduction emissions for engines in mobile machinery and
increase in the required heat dissipation require a corresponding adjustment in
cooler size.

To cope with these requirements, HYDAC has introduced the CMS (Cooling
Mobile System) series that offers better performance by combining more circuits
(up to seven cooling circuits in a compact design); a set of cooling elements
in different layouts, a fan cover, a protective grille and a fan (also
available with motors); a cooler package ready for installation; and a tough
design to suit dusty environments.

The efficiency of a cooler also depends largely on fan control, which
means that the fan speed can be adjusted to the required cooling capacity. A
variety of equipment can be integrated to produce customised solutions, such as
a reversing function to purge the cooler of coarse contamination, a tank,
filter and fan housing or integrated bypass valves and controls.

HYDAC’s CMS series of mobile coolers finds application in municipal
vehicles and machines; cement mixers and concrete pump trucks; agricultural and
forestry machinery such as tractors, harvesters and sprayers; road construction
machinery including paver finishers, rollers, bulldozers and graders; dump
trucks; mobile cranes; wheel loaders; backhoe loaders; wheeled excavators and
crawler excavators; snow grooming vehicles; and vibrator survey trucks.

HYDAC also offers a course on ‘Understanding
Thermal Optimisation’ at its Melbourne head office. The two-day course
highlights the importance of thermal optimisation and the many choices in
cooling system design through hands-on examples and practical demonstrations.

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