Hydac International develops new element technology to eliminate electrostatic charging of hydraulic and lubrication oil

Hydac has developed a new element technology that inhibits electrostatic
discharge in filter elements and significantly reduces the charge in hydraulic
and lubrication oil.

Electrostatic discharges present a real problem for hydraulic and
lubrication systems, accelerating oil ageing. New Group II and Group III base
oils being produced as a result of the market seeking more environment-friendly
options display low conductivity and generate an electrostatic charge when the
oil flows through the filters in the system. This can result in electrostatics
being generated and electrostatic discharge taking place in the system. Special
filters are therefore required to ensure the whole system operates economically
and without risk.

Combining excellent electrostatic characteristics and filtration
performance in a new type of filtration mesh pack and element design, Hydac’s Stat-Free
elements have been designed to eliminate electrostatic charging of the oil, uncontrolled
discharges and acceleration of oil ageing.

Stat-Free elements are particularly suitable for applications in
hydraulic and lubrication systems that use the new low conductivity oil such as
power plants, gas turbines, plastic injection moulding machines, calendars and
mobile hydraulics. Hydac’s Stat-Free elements give a high level of operational
reliability by preventing sparks, deflagration and sludge formation in the oil.
This performance has been confirmed thorough laboratory and field tests.

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