Hurll-Nu Way releases new aeration blowers

Hurll Nu-Way announces the release of a new range of aeration blowers
designed to provide significant energy savings even in energy-intensive

Considered the new standard in aeration blowers, TurboMax turbo blower
is manufactured in South Korea and distributed in Australia by Hurll Nu-Way. TurboMax
turbo blowers deliver 20- 40% energy savings in the most energy-intensive
processes at wastewater treatment plants.

TurboMax turbo blowers offer additional advantages including an extremely
compact and lightweight design; minimal installation requirements; very low
noise emission; virtually no vibration; and high durability and reliability
with minimal maintenance requirement. Apart from monthly checks and filter clean-ups,
the aeration blowers do not require attention or dedicated personnel.

Over 2,000 units of TurboMax turbo blowers are currently operating
globally. Extensive factory cycle testing has been undertaken for proven

Key features of TurboMax turbo blowers include oil-free lubrication in
Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor (PMSM) with next generation, bump type,
airfoil bearings; fully integrated system air cooled up to 112.5kW and closed
loop liquid cooled from 150kW to 600kW; rated for 55¡C ambient air conditions;
package noise containment to 75 dBA (free field) with virtually no package
vibration; control system eliminating need for SCADA on smaller plants;
communication with SCADA using MODBUS protocol; user-friendly PLC control and
HMI; and non-proprietary VFD as standard.

Plants using TurboMax turbo blowers can achieve lower lifecycle costs
and quicker ROI within 2-3 years through savings on energy consumption and by
eliminating major maintenance. 

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