Hurll Nu-Way offers solutions for mobile fuel applications

Hurll Nu-Way supplies high quality equipment sourced from leading
manufacturers and designed to meet mobile fuel applications in the
petrochemical transport sector.

Businesses running transport fleets consisting of fuel delivery trucks,
tank trucks and mobile trailers are responsible for handling and metering fuel.
The major challenge for these businesses is to avoid loss of product, time and
money. High quality equipment is required for the efficient performance of petrochemical
transport, which would include pumps, meters and hydraulic coolers.

Hurll Nu-Way is a one-stop shop for all mobile fuel applications.

Sliding vane pumps

Petrochemical tankers/ mini tankers typically use pumps mounted directly
to the bottom of the tank or foot-mounted pumps on the chassis of the truck and
piped to the bottom of the tank. A sliding vane pump is the best solution for
this type of transport as the pumps are driven either by a PTO connection
coming from the truck’s engine or by a hydraulic motor directly mounted to the
pump. A hydraulic pump system mounted on the truck drives the motor on the

Hurll Nu-Way offers a range of sliding vane pumps including Corken PT,
PZ and Coro-flo series. Key features include high pumping efficiency; low noise;
thrust bearing design for durability; hydraulic drive option; available in foot
and truck mounted designs for versatility; easy and cost effective maintenance;
and supplied in most sizes.

Metering technologies

Petrochemical transport trucks also use meters that measure the amount
of product being dispensed for point of custody transfer and/or for billing
purposes. Hurll Nu-Way offers a variety of metering technologies for the mobile
petrochemical industry including the only truck-mounted mass flowmeter in the
market for LPG transport with over twelve years of proven performance. Neptune/Red
Seal mass flowmeter, the world’s first mass flowmeter introduced in 2002, is designed
to meet the rigorous demands of the LPG bobtail/ tanker environment, and is
highly accurate and virtually maintenance-free.

Electronic registers

A mass flowmeter utilises Coriolis effect and provides volumetric flow
measurement of propane gases when interfaced with a Liquip electronic register.
The addition of Modbus enables direct measurement of mass, density and
temperature parameters. Key features of the Liquip register include excellent
flexibility giving the system an upgrade path not obtainable with competitive
electronic transaction management systems; menu-driven register functions easy
to learn and remember; and interfacing through common handhelds and laptops simplifying
data management between truck and office.

Hydraulic oil coolers

The third component contributing to the performance of a mini tanker is the
hydraulic oil cooler, combining the functions of an oil tank, oil cooler and
security relief valve. Hurll Nu-Way offers HydraFlow hydraulic oil coolers featuring
downward facing fan for quieter operation; compact size ranging from 21cm to
28cm to suit limited space installations; and filter bypass valve to maximise efficiency
and minimise filter damage.

Hurll Nu-Way offers broad equipment solutions for mobile fuel applications
involving transport of propane, butane, LPG, CO2, lube oil and other hazardous
liquids and gases.

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