Hurll Nu-Way distributing new hydraulic oil coolers

Hurll Nu-Way announces the availability of a new range of hydraulic oil
coolers manufactured by Paragon (USA).

Designed to cool hydraulic oil on bobtail LPG trucks, hydraulic oil
coolers are compact and lightweight, and designed to save space on trucks as
well as decrease loading and unloading times. Hydraulic oil coolers are used
for chemical, LPG and crude oil transport; CO2, water, vacuum and lube trucks;
utility and agriculture equipment; and bulk feed.

The new HydraFlow series hydraulic oil coolers distributed by Hurll
Nu-Way in Australia integrate the three functions of an oil tank, oil cooler
and security relief valve. Featuring a stainless steel construction, the
hydraulic oil cooler is built to withstand harsh environmental and operational
conditions. The lightweight design and the small hydraulic oil reservoir reduce
risk of costly spills.

Key features of HydraFlow hydraulic oil coolers also include an easy-to-read
restriction gauge mounted on the front of the cooler indicating when the
spin-on oil filter should be replaced; normal hydraulic oil maintenance simplified
with a reservoir drain on the tank; and units measuring 21cm to 28cm for
installation in tight spaces.

HydraFlow series hydraulic oil coolers offer multiple benefits including
maximum efficiency from a hydraulic fan system; minimised filter damage with
filter bypass valve; oil spillage prevented with quick, top mounted filter;
recessed breather reducing water contamination; downward facing fan for quiet
operation; radiator bypass valve; cartridge style relief valve; and large sight
glass with ‘tell-tale’ ball.

Hurll Nu-Way offers HydraFlow series hydraulic
oil coolers in a choice of three models: HydraFlow SL (25 gpm or 95 l/min), HydraFlow
HF (30 gpm or 114 l/min) and heavy duty HydraFlow HD (50 gpm or 190 l/min).

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