Huntron Tracker 3200S for electronic circuit card assembly diagnosis

The new Huntron Tracker 3200S is a cost-effective diagnostic tool designed
to detect problems in electronic circuit card assembly. Manufactured by Huntron
Inc., the product encompasses Analogue Signature Analysis (ASA) and a unique
bridge from manual based tests to Access Robotic Probers.

Ensuring testing flexibility, the Huntron 3200S has a valuable set of
product features, including the four range selection conventions, extensive
analysis capability, and printed circuit card asset recovery, providing a clear
path to increased productivity.

Offering a cost-effective approach to shorten repair cycles and enhance
conventional test procedures, Huntron Tracker 3200S delivers a host of benefits
including reduced printed circuit card bone piles, support of legacy products
that have limited or no documentation, and diagnosing fallout from functional

With increasing density and complexity, printed circuit assemblies
become tougher for standardised equipment to probe and test. Huntron
complements conventional equipment with access and test tools that catch the
elusive problems often missed by other methods. The keys are physical and
virtual access, which translate into meaningful results such as shorter design
cycles, improved production yields and lower warranty costs.

Huntron is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics.

Please visit
for more information or call (07) 3868-4255.

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