How to transform a Venue using colour- Bowen Library

CK Design International is a boutique design and space
planning consultancy, specialising in libraries. The practise has developed a
reputation of innovation in many library projects across Australia.

Recently in collaboration with Allplastics a range of colourful
PERSPEX frost Panels were chosen for the BOWEN Library in Randwick in Sydney’s
Eastern suburbs. Bright colours such as Chilli Red, Citrus Yellow and Arctic
Blue created a sense ambience in the atmosphere of the library.

Bowen library needed a heart, a central reading area with a
strong design focus

”The overall footprint is large and with a flat commercial
ceiling making the long vistas too large and monotonous. To rationalize the
space, we created smaller zones, each with their own identity. We made maximum
use of natural daylight around the perimeter with great reading and lounging
areas accentuated by large light fittings. The central space however lacked
daylight and we wanted to create a central zone that in itself became a
feature. As the space was a bit too large for standard light fittings we looked
for materials that could become a large light sculpture that were either translucent,
clear or emitted light” commented Cecilia Kugler from CK Designs.

”Relating to our previous work in its sister library at
Randwick, we created a loose grid pattern of coloured acrylic rectangles in the
central ceiling. The sheets were spaced and arranged to make maximum use of
existing ceiling lights, so the PERSPEX actually lights up, a great result!”.

”When viewed from any direction, the sheets overlap, and
create a coloured zone in the centre of the Library defined at its edges by a
transparent wall system. The heart of the library is now beating with colour,
seen from every corner.”

She added ”one of the librarians said to us “looking at the
ceiling makes me happy, it’s like Christmas”.

The installation was carried out by Cutting Edge customer
design. ”We chose the Perspex ¨ colours due to the 10 year warranty as well as
the choice of colours that suited the client’s expectations” commented Phillip
Waters. From CKDI ”Allplastics provided us with the co-operation and samples
throughout the project from design to installation”.

Allplastics supplies a wide selection of
architectural and building finishes for commercial, hospitality, lighting and
retail environments.  

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