How to look after your acrylic sneeze guards

Clear sneeze guards and hygiene barriers are
widely employed at customer-facing businesses such as stores and service
centres in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. These preventive measures help minimise
the risk of transmission of the Coronavirus between employees and customers.

Allplastics Engineering offers a wide range
of clear hygiene barriers including acrylic sneeze
guards, polycarbonate barriers and framed screens. Bespoke barriers can be
fabricated to sizes specific to the application for pharmacies, medical
centres, optometrists, Uber vehicles, supermarkets, petrol stations, clubs,
restaurants, cafes as well as classrooms and offices among many more.

While installing these hygiene barriers will
minimise the spread of the virus, maintenance is a big part of ensuring their
continued effectiveness. Acrylic sneeze guards can be cleaned using a solution
of lukewarm water with a drop of washing-up liquid. Use a soft cloth to loosen
any dirt, and rinse with cold water. Dry the barriers with a very soft cloth to
prevent water spotting. You should not use strong chemicals, glass spray, or
other abrasive cleaning materials; also avoid any form of scraper, squeegee or any
sharp instrument.

You can maximise the service life of these
hygiene barriers by using plastic cleaners. VuPlex Plastic Cleaner & Polish
is an easy and effective way to clean, protect and polish all clear or coloured
plastics. VuPlex produces a shinier, cleaner, more lustrous finish with no
smears or smudges, which makes clear plastics virtually transparent and
gleaming like new. Simply spray on the cleaned and dry surface, use a soft cloth
to wipe and clean until it’s nearly dry, and then a second and dry cloth to

With proper and regular maintenance,
your acrylic sneeze guards can stay clean and clear. Allplastics
also stocks VuPlex for your convenience.

Collaborate with Allplastics to keep
your retail space and employees safe, and give your customers the confidence to
shop with you.

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