How effective are your Electric heaters?

Does your heater
consume too much electricity?

Do you feel the
heat? Does it heat effectively?

Unsurprisingly, large rooms such as warehouses,
storerooms or even churches require powerful heaters. This would usually mean
higher energy costs for higher heating output. Most standard heaters may claim
to have low electric consumption, but is it high performing? Does it emit enough
heat to cover a huge area?

Tansun heaters are a cost effective investment choice is because they have low electric consumption yet high coverage.

The heat intensity of a standard quartz heater
is a lot less than a Tansun quartz infrared heater. This is because most electric
heaters are medium wave. 

Tansun electric heaters are short wave heaters. 

One great aspect about the short wave heating
is that it is unbeatable in outdoor applications. Medium wave heaters tend to warm
up the air instead of the objects below; which makes this type of heating
ineffective when wind is present. As we all know, wind is always present

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