How a physical distance alert system can mitigate risk and keep your workplace safer

Today the workplace is all about how you can integrate digital into what your organisation does. Big or small, the changes that you make can have a lasting impact on the profitability safety and proficiency of your operations. Many businesses are discovering how a physical distance alert app can transform the way that they work and mitigate illness risk. A physical distance app alert can of course mean different things depending on how it is put to use in the workplace, but in general refers to a solution package that maintains a database of all close physical interactions in the workplace as well as alerting employees when the physical distance is compromised. This may sound complicated, but really this just means there will be a digital blueprint of close physical distancing in the workplace.

The benefits of a physical distancing alert solution are both far-reaching and highly noticeable. Employees get the benefits of being alerted when physical distancing is compromised. All interactions are catalogued against the database so that data is correlated in a secure location on the organisation’s server. The physical distance alert system will identify which employees need to be notified in case a co-worker is diagnosed with COVID-19. Management benefit from this powerful, intelligent and private system that eliminates the need of manual tracking of employee’s whereabouts. Employees will also be continuously notified of developments.

A physical distancing alert system can transform the way employees work due to the pairing via bluetooth with other mobile devices. Alerts created by the mobile devices feed data instantaneously to a private database stored on the organisation’s server.

Many businesses are seeing that a physical distance alert solution transforms the way they work in the COVID-19 era by increasing the information sharing in the organisation and keeping their employees safe. In an age where physical distancing in an organisation is an imperative, implementing a physical distance alert solution is the best way to ensure the safety of your employees and their families.

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