HIVE high speed centralised data repository for imaging and microscopy

Scitech introduces a
new modular system from German company Acquifer, designed for critical data
handling tasks in imaging and microscopy applications.

HIVE from Acquifer is
a high speed centralised data repository that eliminates the need to constantly
move or duplicate data sets in processing and analysis workflows.

HIVE’s modular
design integrates high speed processing, visualisation, remote access, project
management, flexibility, data security, scalability and ease of use in one
unit. More modules can be added to meet higher requirements for storage,
processing power or dedicated network bandwidth.

HIVE is designed for
use in microscopy facilities using light sheet microscopes, laser scanning
confocal microscopes, spinning disk microscopes, image analysis workstations as
well as screening labs. This system is optimised for three key data handling
tasks in imaging and microscopy applications: computation, networking and storage.

HIVE’s three modules include:

HIVE Core for Data Processing

Features high-performance
CPU and GPU for high quality image processing and analysis; includes 10TB data
safe storage with RAID5.

HIVE Net for Networking and Security

Features an integrated
Software Defined Network (SDN) router to create a secure HIVE network for
hosting the connected devices; includes 10Gbit/s 12-port network switch with a
240GB/s backbone to ensure reliable exchange of large data sets.

HIVE Data for Storage

Features a data repository
offering RAID6 secure data storage with fast access to large data; the resilient,
user-friendly and open design allows for easy upscaling of storage volume.

Please visit Scitech
for customised HIVE solutions or call (03) 9480 4999. 

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