Hinged bushing plates for large-scale production jigs

CGB Precision Products presents hinged bushing plates from Carr Lane’s range
of jig and fixture bases.

Made in USA, Carr Lane’s hinged bushing plates are precise, heavy-duty
bushing plate assemblies made for large-scale production jigs. The swing-away
arm is precision ground but left unhardened for installing drill bushings (wear
surfaces are hard welded and ground). The arm swings open a full 120¡ for
loading clearance.

The mounting base is hardened and precisely ground to provide accurate
location. The base includes liner bushings as bearings for the hardened pivot
pin, and a half-turn latch screw.

Hinged bushing plates are available in three sizes. Carr Lane offers
three ordering options for hinged bushing plates online. Purchase the complete
assembly or just the base kit or arm. Arms can be ordered separately to use as
replacements or to switch tooling. The pivot pin can be easily removed by
loosening the setscrew, allowing quick arm changeover. The base can be ordered
separately if customer-made arms will be used.

The base kit shown above comprises of all hardware including the liner
bushings, pivot pin, setscrew, and half-turn latch screw.

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