Highly sensitive Nuvu HNu1024 EMCCD cameras for low light imaging

Scitech introduces the HNu1024 by Nuvu Cameras, the latest range of highly
sensitive EMCCD cameras on the market.

The new Nuvu EMCCD cameras allow individual photons to be observed at
high frame rates up to 20 MHz in full frame with an astoundingly high SNR. With
a background noise below 0.001 e/pix/frame as well as an EM peaking at 5000,
these cameras can be applied to several biomedical research fields to study
phenomena that have never been examined with such precision, sensitivity and

The Nuvu HNu1024 EMCCD camera is now the camera of choice for ultra low
light applications including fluorescence and bioluminescence imaging, FRET and
BRET imaging, small animal imaging, spectroscopy, super-resolution microscopy, as
well as clinical applications such as nuclear medicine, fluorescence guided
surgery, multimodal imaging and Cerenkov luminescence imaging.

With Nuvu Cameras technology, the HNu1024 EMCCD camera provides top
quality optics to deliver superior quantum efficiency of >90% at 600 nm,
intuitive NuPixel software for control, acquisition and analysis, a variety of
drivers for third-party software, as well as a software development kit (SDK)
for maximum customisability.

The HNu1024 EMCCD camera also has the lowest clock-induced charges (CIC)
levels giving rise to highest SNR as a result of this lowering of the CIC, the
dominant noise source of EMCCD technology. Patented technology optimised for
true photon counting enables both linear and photon counting modes in EM
operation. The high SNR is thanks to stabilised on-chip thermoelectric cooling
down to -80 ± 0.01 ¡C by air for minimal background signal.

Communication interface is via PCIe Camera Link (min. 4X) or GigE Vision
(Gigabit Ethernet) and the operating system is Windows (XP, 7 & 10) or

For more information, please visit the Scitech
website www.scitech.com.au or call (03)
9480 4999.

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