High grade aluminium free magnetic lifting designed for mine use

Magnet Sales Australia offers the Pro-Lift range of high grade lifting magnets free of aluminium, allowing their use in mining applications, both above and underground.

Lifting magnets such as Pro-Lift permanent lifting magnets are increasingly being preferred by construction and fabrication companies for safety and ease of use. The standard Pro-Lift lifting magnet has a number of aluminium components; however, following a recent customer requirement, Magnet Sales Australia now offers the lifting magnets with aluminium replaced by stainless steel, making them one of the very few lifting magnets available on the market that can be used in accordance with the ‘aluminium free’ mining requirements.

Magnet Sales Australia specialises in permanent lifting magnets designed to lift plates, profiles, beams, steel slabs and round sections. Used by fabrication, mining and construction companies across Australia, Pro-Lift lifting magnets are engineered for ease of use and have a 3:1 safety ratio built in for optimum safety. 

Magnet Sales Australia’s Pro-Lift lifting magnets come standard with lifting capacities ranging from 100kg to 6000kg and are supplied complete with a full set of Safety and Operation instructions. 

Magnet Sales Australia provides after sales service in the form of lifting magnet load tests and certification. 

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