Heavy duty spring stops for extra large workpieces

CGB Precision Products offers heavy-duty spring stops by Carr Lane, ideal for large or
long machinery in the construction and agricultural industries.

These massive spring-loaded stops are the largest and strongest of all
the spring stop buttons manufactured by Carr Lane.

Heavy-duty spring stops feature a large contact face and are useful for
applying side force to hold a workpiece against its locators until clamps are
in place. The large flat contact face is ideal for pushing flat-sided
workpieces with a radiused top edge making loading easier.

For some workholding applications including many welding fixtures, a
spring stop with this strength can often be used without additional clamps.
Mid-stroke spring force is approximately 100 lbs.

Heavy-duty spring stops have a large-diameter plunger with a long
bearing length to effectively resist loads applied to the top of the contact
face. The plunger and body are both made of steel for maximum strength.

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