Heat resistant silicone cables from Treotham

Treotham presents a range of heat resistant cables for use in
environments exposed to extreme temperatures. The Helukabel SiFH-C-Si from Treotham
is a special silicone insulated cable with high heat resistance, making it
suitable for all applications where the cable insulation is subjected to high
temperature fluctuations.

The silicone rubber insulated cables are heat-resistant for continuous
use in temperatures up to 180¡C, and up to 220¡C for short periods of time. The
exceptional weathering resistance of the material also makes the cable suitable
for use in low temperatures down to -60¡C.

The cable is also resistant to high molecular fats and oils from
vegetables and animals, as well as alcohols, diluted acids, oxidisation
substances, tropical influences and weather, lake water, plasticisers and
clophenes, lye and salt dissolution, oxygen and UV rays.

Being halogen-free, the cables are recommended for applications in iron
and steel works, foundries, rolling mills, aircraft construction, shipbuilding,
and cement, glass and ceramic plants. They are also ideal for applications in
projector and high power lighting fixtures, as well as all types of heating

The cable should only be used in a fixed installation in open or
ventilated pipe systems and ducts. If used elsewhere, the mechanical properties
of the silicone are reduced by the enclosed air at temperatures exceeding 90¡C.

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