Harnessed energy chain system speeds up water ride boats

Backwards up and forwards down: that’s how it feels on
the Power Splash water ride from Mack Rides. Under the name ‘Pulsar’, the first
model of the 2000-hp water ride can be found in the Belgian amusement park
Walibi. With a speed of 100 km/h and a drop of 45 metres, visitors rush into
the cool moisture. In order for the passengers to get in and out safely, the
developers of the water ride built a pivoting gate that placed special
demands on the energy supply, because it needed to be able to move cables by ±180

The design engineers turned to the engineering team of
the motion plastics specialist igus, who designed a modular rotary energy
supply with a side-mounted energy chain. It can guide cables in the
required rotation easily and reliably.

chains get the hang of it

The pivoting gate is used as a railway station element
between the station building and the roller coaster area in regular operation.
This allows visitors to get in and out comfortably, while on the other side the
next boat starts its ride on the rail. The station concept allows for a higher
throughput and faster riding pleasure for the visitors. The revolving platform
has a diameter of 12.4 metres and a total height of almost 5 metres. The
weight, which rests on the pivoting gate with the two boats, is 59 tons – a heavy
load for the cables and hoses.

To safely guide the multitude of load cables, signal
cables and pneumatic hoses, the igus project engineers rely on a double
standing energy chain within a guiding device. It ensures that the pivoting
movement as well as the movements of the disc are implemented and the cables are
guided safely and without damage. To save time, money and effort, the Power
Splash designers opted for a ready-to-use readychain system that the igus engineering
team mounted directly under the rotary disc.

Ready-to-connect igus energy chain systems such as the
rotary module are designed, harnessed and assembled at Treotham, so the
customer receives a system from a single source with a guarantee.

For more information, please visit the Treotham
Automation website www.treotham.com.au
or call 1300 65 75 64.

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