Hang type magnetic sweepers for forklifts available form Magnet Sales Australia

Hang type magnetic sweepers for forklifts from Magnet Sales Australia offer a great way to reduce the possibility of costly dangerous flat tires and injuries caused by nails, scrap iron particles, and staples.

These magnetic forklift sweepers feature super-powered permanent magnets that will remove sharp iron objects from roads, parking areas, loading docks, runways and other important traffic areas. The sweeper magnets can simply be hung from the forklift or vehicle bumper.

Two eyebolts are installed on each magnet for suspending of the magnet sweepers; wipe the face of the magnet with a glove or heavy shop towel to clear.

Magnetic sweepers are also available in a “quick cleaning” model which makes regular cleaning of the magnet very easy.

All magnets measure 1.75” (H) x 5” (D) and can be supplied in any width from 18” to 96”. For example, a 24” model will pick up 11lbs of 8-penny nails from 2” high.

Permanent magnetism is guaranteed with these magnetic sweepers.

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