Gorman-Rupp pump resolves accessibility issues for customer during maintenance

Hydro Innovations installed a Gorman-Rupp pump recently for one of their
customers, helping them resolve accessibility issues during maintenance.

This customer’s sewerage pump was mounted under a floating pontoon in the
middle of the settling pond, which required them to extend a ladder from the
shore out to the pontoon to access the pump for maintenance or servicing.

Approached by the customer to provide a safer and more serviceable
option, Hydro Innovations recommended a Gorman-Rupp self priming pump, thereby
providing not only a safer option, but also one that was more reliable and
easier to access for maintenance and servicing.

The Gorman-Rupp pump series addresses a broad range of applications
including sewerage and wastewater, and is built robust to provide long and
reliable operation with assured ease of use and safety.

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