Going paperless with manufacturing inspections

Manufacturing is a critical part of the modern day economy, providing
materials and/or products for virtually every industry. Manufacturing has
evolved significantly since the early days with advances in technology making
processes more efficient. There’s no doubt manufacturing processes need the
best management systems. Paper checklists were the most popular tool used for
management as well as inspection of manufacturing processes to cover quality,
costing and safety aspects among others.

Since the advent of mobile technology, inspections and management processes
rely on mobile devices driven by powerful tools for efficient and accurate

Paperless inspection solutions are at the forefront of management and
inspection technology. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets assist
field personnel with recording data via the camera, speech-to-text application and
keyboard. Various device capabilities allow annotation of images/ drawings while
standardised response formatting enables inspectors to quickly process
information and get to more relevant data instantly.

Mobile devices also deliver a high level of versatility in manufacturing
processes and inspection. Adopted widely across the world, mobile devices are
more adaptable than printed checklists during inspections. For instance, the
connected device allows the inspector to quickly refer to industry-specific or organisational
regulations to ensure up-to-date adherence with no delays. All documentation,
reference material and previous data can be attached to specific parts of
checklists for easy and straightforward access and use.

Once the inspection is completed with all the checklists properly entered,
the inspector can send the data directly to a database for processing and
analysis instantaneously. With a mobile device-driven paperless solution,
there’s no hassle of endless paperwork or any need to store them physically. Digital
checklists can be stored on cloud-based systems (SaaS) or in-house PC servers
for seamless access from any location. The management can find accurate,
reliable data and use in-depth analysis to gain valuable knowledge about
business processes.

Mobile devices have been quickly accepted as powerful and versatile tools
to carry out plant and field inspections, thanks to their ease of use and

Mobile devices support various business processes including OHS
inspections; field service inspections; facility management; inspection
management; asset management; CMMS; quality assurance; and audit.

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