Go paperless in the field with mobile field service applications

Mobile field service applications are being used across all industries, regardless
of their location. Suitable for businesses of all sizes, mobile field service applications
offer a portable, paperless, ready-to-use solution for those who want to track,
monitor and maintain high standards both in the field and the office.

From engineers, laboratory and lift technicians, and environmental
health officers to QA managers, maintenance coordinators and manufacturing
plant supervisors, these paperless applications play a critical role in improving
efficiency and performance, saving time and money while increasing future
business opportunities.

The ability to customise the application to the
business’ unique needs is one of the key factors to be considered when
selecting a paperless solution. The right mobile field service application
should meet industry standards, be able to access data off-line as well as
provide quality reporting on a custom built list of assets. An automated system
not only eliminates guesswork, simplifies processes and allows for immediate,
timely and accurate results, but also ensures compliance.

Techs4Biz Australia is offering a white paper titled Revolutionisingin Real-Time: Mobile Field Service Applications, which explains how
the technology of mobile field service applications benefits the user, and
those around them. Key topics covered in the white paper include benefits of a
mobile field service application; matching business priorities with
functionality; choosing the right software for your organisation; useful software
features; and the importance of the right provider.

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