Global Laser’s laser diode modules and solutions

Global Laser is a specialist designer and manufacturer of laser diode
modules covering a wide range of applications.

Available from Scitech, Global Laser’s wide range of OEM, high
performance, high reliability laser products find use within many niche
applications including machine vision, alignment, medical, measurement,
positioning, scientific and military.

These can be further classified as agricultural, bar code reading, biomedical,
blood analysis, break beam systems, data transmission, display and
entertainment, free space communication, fluid measurement, illumination, infrared
surveillance, inspection, laboratory use, laser measurement, laser scanner, laser
sight, lumber scanning, machine vision, manufacturing control, materials
processing, metrology, non-contact measuring devices, optical disc mastering, particle
counting, PCB inspection, radiography, range finding, retinal scanning, screen
printing, triangulation, weapons simulation and 3D scanning.

A wide range of standard products is available including Red, Green,
Blue, and Infrared wavelengths with powers up to 200mW. Optical outputs include
elliptical and circular spots, lines, crosses and diffractive optics. The
in-built control electronics provide excellent power stability over time and
temperature as well as a range of modulation features that are unmatched on the

Global Laser also offers customisation for specific applications. To
date, the company has produced more than 25,000 product variations to meet
specific requirements. In-house facilities include a machine workshop for
customised housing prototyping, and a fully equipped laboratory with a wide
range of test equipment for laser beam profiling, wavelength measurement and
power setting.

The customisation service allows Global Laser to respond rapidly to
customer requests, with a technically efficient and cost effective solution that
shortens time to market for customers.

Global Laser offers a range of accessories to complement the extensive
portfolio of laser diode modules. Also available are a full line of mounts,
brackets, rails, cables, power supplies, laser drive electronics and laser
safety glasses.

Global Laser is an ISO9001:2015 quality endorsed company, providing the
assurance of product quality, consistency and reliability.

For more information, please visit the Scitech website or call (03) 9480 4999.

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