Giant Inflatables Industrial shelters, workshops and blast booths

Giant Inflatables Industrial specialises
in the supply of inflatable shelters, inflatable workshops and inflatable blast
booths designed to meet the specific requirements of industry.

Operating in Australia for over
18 years, the company offers portable inflatable shelters as a cost-effective
and labour-efficient alternative to conventional temporary structures.
Inflatable technologies are increasingly being accepted and adopted as a
smarter alternative by businesses and industries in the modern economy that
face the challenges of reduced turnaround times and tight budgets.

Giant Inflatables Industrial
customises their industrial inflatable products to suit the needs of multinational,
corporate and government organisations as well as savvy businesses requiring
low maintenance and logistically simple portable solutions. Clients include
Siemens, Blackwoods Shevron, Bluescope, Cubic Defence, Queensland Air Rescue,
Fonterra, Graincorp, Oman Oil refineries, Visy and Fulton Hogan among many

Portable inflatable shelters deliver
numerous advantages over conventional temporary shelter systems. Typically used
by organisations to carry out work in the field, these industrial inflatables
replace conventional temporary shelters that are difficult to get to site,
heavy and labour-intensive to set up and pack down, and cumbersome to store when
not in use.

Industrial shelters from Giant Inflatables
Industrial are highly cost effective; logistically and technically simple to
transport, set up or store; environment-friendly in design, material and energy
use; completely sealable for a controlled environment; stable in almost any
weather condition; adjustable to withstand heat or any form of blasting
material when cleaning or stripping industrial equipment; lightweight and
portable; constructed using industrial grade vinyl coated nylon fabric treated for
UV and flame resistance; and durable, long-lasting, safe and efficient.

Portable inflatable shelters
address OH&S requirements in place for carrying out operations such as media
blasting, surface preparation, and cleaning and decontamination of equipment
and vehicles by providing a covered enclosure. These portable inflatables can
also be used as a temporary and quickly deployable space for workshops, warehouses
and site offices that can be environmentally controlled, are accessible around
the clock, and operate in all weather conditions.

Giant Inflatables Industrial
recently supplied a specialised inflatable blast booth to Siemens for their machinery
servicing operations being carried out at power stations around the country. Instead
of the usual practice of constructing temporary scaffolding-based shelters on-site,
the company sought an environmentally controlled structure that would contain
their blasting materials and contaminants, be efficiently ventilated for safe
working conditions, and well lit. The shelter also needed allowances for
efficient duct extraction, and large machinery access.

The inflatable blast shelter
designed and supplied by Giant Inflatables Industrial simplified the setup and
allowed the Siemens team to be operational in just four hours.

Please contact Giant Inflatables Industrial for a quote or to discuss
your requirements.

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