Get your COVID-19 testing message greater visibility on inflatable shelters

COVID-19 testing has become
imperative in the global fight against the pandemic. It’s also important to get
the message across loud and clear to the community about the need to get tested
and prevent further spread – especially in locations where large groups come

As a specialist in portable
emergency shelters, Giant Inflatables Industrial believes that the message
about the availability of COVID-19 testing facilities needs to be highly
visible for people so that they are encouraged to get tested.

Testing will need to take
place not only in the suburbs but also at commuter hubs, stadiums, and large
worksites. Additionally, the testing tent or shelter must not only be simple
and quick to deploy but should also provide a comfortable environment for the
testing teams.

Keeping all these variables
in mind, the Giant Inflatables Industrial team has designed the ultimate
inflatable mobile COVID-19 testing shelter that is simple and quick to deploy
even by inexperienced people, enabling a speedy and agile response to testing
requirements in any location. Conventional tents and shelters in use currently
need to be set up and removed by experienced teams.

The new inflatable testing
shelters provide space for an office and storage with clear visibility of the
wide covered apron for walk- or drive-through traffic. The shelter can be
easily packed up to fit into a Ute or small van, and also deployed by two persons.

These mobile inflatable
shelters are highly versatile with their application extending beyond COVID-19
testing. For instance, the shelter is ideal for use at all control points along
state borders as well as checkpoints as it combines spacious comfortable
accommodation with the large covered apron for the public to move through

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