Get ready for snowmaking season with EzY Shelter

Ski resorts in the southern hemisphere are getting ready for the winter
season with preparations underway for snowmaking.

While some resorts are upgrading their facilities or ski runs and
planning snowmaking, there are others who are already ahead in the game. Mt
Bulla, for instance, successfully prototyped the industrial temporary EzY
Shelter model from Giant Inflatables three years ago to store their freshly
made snow.

Ski resorts need industry standard portable shelters such as the EzY
Shelter to preserve their freshly manufactured snow and protect it from the
impact of extreme weather conditions, particularly rain. Snowmaking is a time-consuming
and expensive exercise that can become a waste of money and labour in the
absence of a suitable facility to store the manufactured snow.

Aerogel is used to insulate the EzY Shelter and help it retain the cold
conditions inside. Given that 10mm of aerogel is equivalent to 50mm of
polystyrene insulation, aerogel, though more expensive, is the best type of
insulation in terms of effectiveness, ease of use and safety.

The EzY Shelter takes the industry standard portable shelter to new
levels of practicality as it can be put up for snowmaking season or packed away
afterwards by a single person.

EzY Shelter is available from Giant Inflatable Industrial.

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