Gas analysers for respiratory gas monitoring of small animals

Scitech presents a range of gas analysers from CWE Incorporated designed
for different respiratory physiology applications.

Expired gas is monitored during animal experiments to indicate the
physiological health of the animals. Gas analysers available from CWE include
the CapStar-100 End-Tidal CO2 analyser for routine monitoring of CO2; the new microCapStar
analyser for monitoring mice and other very small animals; and the Gemini respiratory
monitor for CO2, O2 and respiratory rate measurement.

CapStar-100 carbon dioxide

Key features include ability to provide continuous measurement of
expired CO2 over the 0-10 percent range; rapid response time; small sample flow
requirements; and long-term stability. This analyser is ideal for respiratory
gas measurement of rodents and larger animals.

microCapStar CO2 analysers

Key features include accurate end-tidal or continuous measurement of
expired CO2 in small animals; very low sample flow requirements; rapid response
time; and long-term stability. Respiratory rate (RR) is computed using the
excursions of the CO2 waveform. The CO2 and RR measurements, as well as a trend
plot of the end-tidal values are displayed on the graphic LCD screen.

Gemini respiratory monitors

Key features include accurate measurement of breath-by-breath O2 and CO2
concentration; long-term stability; linear output voltage; and adjustable CO2
and respiratory rate alarms. These monitors can also be used on rats and larger
animals. Additional applications include metabolic measurements (O2
consumption) and hypoxia and control-of-breathing studies. Gemini respiratory
monitors can be used in conjunction with a CWE ventilator.

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