FUTEK’s redesigned high precision USB measurement instruments offering higher accuracy with slimmer footprint

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology announces the release of their newly
redesigned USB measurement instruments, the USB520 and USB530, both featuring a
compact size. The redesigned models deliver minimal noise interference, excellent
speed, and superior accuracy and nonlinearity (±0.005% of FSR).

FUTEK’s USB520 and USB530 USB measurement instruments come out of a box with a
plug-and-play connection to a PC, eliminating the need for a power supply and
digital equipment. The two instruments are also compatible with various
industry applications with their ability to work with strain gauge mV/V inputs,
voltage inputs, current inputs, and encoder inputs.

Key features of FUTEK’s USB520 and USB530 USB measurement instruments
include USB 2.0 communications link; nonlinearity and accuracy of ±0.005% of
FSR; internal resolution of 24 bits; sampling rate up to 4,800 SPS (USB520) and
14,000 SPS (USB530); plug in and play solution; and multiple input options.

FUTEK is represented in Australia and New
Zealand by Metromatics.

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