FUTEK’s miniature pressure sensors for desalination system monitoring

Miniature flush mount pressure sensors from FUTEK are being used in
desalination system monitoring applications to maintain constant pressure.

Desalination systems are being seen as an important solution to address
the shortage of clean drinking water in drought-stricken regions around the
world, especially in areas with limited freshwater sources. Engineers are hard
at work perfecting desalination systems that can convert ocean water into fresh
drinking water.

High pressure reverse osmosis technology is commonly applied to convert saltwater
into freshwater. These systems require constant pressure delivered from a
system of pumps to maintain membrane health and maximise system efficiency. By
incorporating a pressure sensor into a closed loop control system, the pump can
maintain a constant operating pressure for maximum efficiency.

In the conceptual application diagram above, FUTEK’s PFT510 miniature
pressure sensor is inserted between the water pump output and reverse osmosis
filter input. The output signal from the pressure sensor is amplified with FUTEK’s
IAA series or IDA100 amplifier and fed into a PLC, which then regulates the
motor output in response to changing pressures, thereby maintaining a constant
output pressure.

Maintaining a consistent pressure increases the filter’s life and
maximises system efficiency. FUTEK’s IDA amplifier output can also be monitored
and adjusted accordingly over USB connection with FUTEK’s SENSIT software.

FUTEK’s miniature flush mount pressure sensor solution for desalination
system monitoring helps ensure access to clean drinking water for people around
the world.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is represented in Australia and
New Zealand by Metromatics.

For further information, please visit the Metromatics
website www.metromatics.com.au or
call (07) 3868-4255.

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