Futek’s in-line load cell solution for biomedical research testing

Load cells are utilised in several medical research facilities,
especially during sensitive biomaterial testing that requires accurate and
precise measurement feedback. Load cells enable biomedical researchers working
with delicate materials to monitor the force applied to their test specimens.

Futek’s product solution for biomaterial testing includes in-line load
cells from the LCM Series paired with instrumentation and software (IHH500,
IPM650, USB Solutions, and SENSIT Test and Measurement Software).

The conceptual application diagram shows an in-line load cell (LCM
Series) mounted to a linear actuator. As the actuator drives the needle into
the biomaterial, the load feedback is displayed on either Futek’s IHH500 or
IPM650 digital displays or alternatively streamed through a USB onto a PC. The
user can have access to the data logs and live graph information when the SENSIT
Test and Measurement Software is paired with any of these instrument options.

Futek’s solution for biomedical research testing will provide accurate and
precise measurement feedback needed for the delicate and specialised

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is represented in Australia and
New Zealand by Metromatics.

For further information, please contact Metromatics on (07) 3868-4255 or
visit www.metromatics.com.au.

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