FUTEK TAT200 miniature torque screwdriver

FUTEK has developed a new miniature torque screwdriver designed to apply
proportional torque to a fixture without any possibility of damage.

FUTEK’s TAT200 miniature torque screwdriver is designed as an
auditing/assembly tool that prevents disproportionate torsion, which may result
in the loosening of a screw during operation, or the application of extravagant
or excessive torque, which can result in permanent damage to the screw.

By combining the TAT200 with FUTEK’s USB solutions, users can experiment
and log data to characterise the required torque for tightening the screw. Additional
analysis can be done using the SENSIT test and measurement software.

The TAT200 miniature torque screwdriver incorporates a miniature
reaction torque sensor and has the ability to work with a variety of screwdriver
adapters (bits). Designed as a precision torque auditing tool, the TAT200 has a
torque capacity of 50 in-oz. (0.35 Nm) and 100 in-oz. (0.71 Nm).

Key features of FUTEK’s USB solutions include linearisation utilising
SENSIT; compatibility with LabVIEW; no external power supply requirement; DLL available
for software; ability to customise; and ASCII stream available.

The SENSIT test and measurement software supports 16 channels, and
allows data logging and live graphing.

FUTEK Advanced Sensor Technology, Inc. is
represented in Australia and New Zealand by Metromatics

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