Fujikura 70S+, 70R+ and 62S+ splicers released in ANZ region

Fusion splicing technology pioneer Fujikura has set a new standard for
splicers with the release of the 70S+, 70R+ and 62S+ models.

Available from AFL Telecommunications, Fujikura’s premium splicer range
features Bluetooth capability to wirelessly communicate parameter settings with
a smart device.

Fujikura 70S+

Fujikura 70S+ is the world’s most advanced core alignment fusion
splicer, offering greater speed and reliability than ever before. With a
6-second splice time, and 9-second heat/shrink time, it is the fastest splicer
on the market.

The feature-packed 70S+ from Fujikura is truly setting the benchmark in
speed, usability and performance. Key features of the 70S+ splicers also
include an automated wind protector; independently programmable sheath clamps
that reduce splice time and increase productivity; and guaranteed reliability with
a long-life battery providing 200 splice/heat cycles and long-life electrodes providing
up to 5000 splices.

Fujikura 62S+

Fujikura 62S+ is an economical alternative to the fully-automated 70S+, utilising
a conventional wind protector and tube heater design. The 62S+ has a 23-second
shrink time, ensuring a high level of productivity.

Fujikura 70R+

Fujikura 70R+ is the world’s fastest and most ruggedised range of ribbon
fusion splicers. Key performance features include splice/heat cycle time of just
18 seconds [using FP-04(T) splice protectors]; battery life of 110 splice/heat
cycles; and extended electrode performance of 1500 splices per set.

The latest splicer models from Fujikura include all the features of
previous models that users have come to know and love including fuse connect
compatibility, large monitor, built-in instructional videos, and a
fully-ruggedised design with shock-, dust- and rain-proof characteristics.

All Fujikura splicers come in their own carrycases that convert to a
workstation for maximum portability.

The + range is now available in the ANZ region through AFL

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