FPGA module designed for applications requiring low-power

The new XMC-7A200 user-configurable Artix-7 FPGA modules from Acromag
are designed for applications requiring low-power without sacrificing high

Acromag’s XMC-7A200 is an XMC mezzanine module enhanced with Xilinx
Artix-7 FPGA for low-power consumption and exceptional 128M x 16-bit quad DDR3
SDRAM processing performance.

Typically used in hardware simulation, communications, in-circuit
diagnostics, military servers, signal intelligence and image processing
applications, Acromag’s XMC-7A200 features a rear I/O that provides 8-lane
high-speed serial interface on the P16 XMC port. Select I/O or LVDS pairs plus
global clock pairs direct to FPGA via rear P4 or P16 port. The FPGA module
serves as a co-processor applying custom logic and algorithms to streams of
remote sensor data.

The reconfigurable Artix-7 FPGA module is possible via a direct download
into the Flash configuration memory over the PCIe bus or the JTAG port. The
module supports four-lane high-speed serial interface on rear P15 connector for
PCI Express Gen 1/2 (standard), Serial Rapid I/O, and Xilinx Aurora

In combination with the new Kintex-7 series, the new XMC-7A Artix-7
family further expands Acromag’s FPGA offering. The XMC-7A will provide users
with an unbeatable lower-end combination of capabilities including lower power
consumption, excellent functionality and a balanced mix of I/O, all based on
Xilinx’s latest Vivado development package.

Acromag is represented in Australia and New
Zealand by Metromatics.

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