Four questions to ask when buying high speed insulated doors

High speed roll doors specialist DMF International advises customers
looking for high speed insulated doors to be careful when making their

High speed insulating doors are increasingly being installed in
Australia for the advantages they deliver in busy industrial and commercial
environments that require both speed of operation and preservation of

High speed insulating roll doors offer greater thermal and sound
insulation than conventional PVC rapid roll doors. However, not all insulating
doors available in the Australian market offer the same benefits.

For instance, some insulating door models may have designs similar to a
roller shutter door, using a 10mm thick slat filled with PU foam without interslat
thermal protection. This design may work in places of low thermal differential,
but will not perform well as a long term solution or offer quietness of

4 questions to ask when selecting
a high speed insulated door:

1. What are the thermal properties of the door in its entirety, and not
just the door slat?

2. What design does the door utilise to prevent temperature conduction
via the door slats?

3. Will the door be able to operate quietly?

4. Is the door counterweighted for emergency opening?

DMF’s high speed insulating roll

The leading Australian manufacturer and supplier of specialised high
speed PVC roll doors, DMF International is also the exclusive Australian agent
for the premium German company, Efaflex Gmbh, the first manufacturer worldwide
of high speed insulated doors. DMF can supply a selection of high speed
insulated roll doors that will exceed the thermal properties and performance of
other doors offered in the market.

DMF offers thermally separated EFA-THERM insulation laths for the
EFA-SST model as standard. Key features include 40mm to 100mm thick slats;
excellent temperature insulation between 0.66 and 1.52 W/m_K depending on the
size of the door; door sizes available over 6mH x 6mW; exceptionally robust,
tight and sound insulating door leaf; and low noise of operation due to the
door panel rolling into a spiral design.

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