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24 May 2018 

While there can be vast
differences between the regulations, expectations and auditing of food
manufacturers and producers across the country, one thing remains constant –
risk management is a key to success.

The requirements for certified food safety
management systems are based on the principles of HACCP.
International operates an assessment and certification scheme for equipment,
materials and services used within the food industry that make a contribution
to food safety – right down to wipers and cloths. Not all businesses are aware
they can reduce their risk by using HACCP certified products.

But there is even more to the story, with HACCP
International working to make certification more transparent and to help food
businesses identify appropriate use of products with Food Zone classifications.
Karen Constable, Technical Manager of HACCP International explained,
“Evaluation of products and services is strictly confined to characteristicswhich
could have an impact on food safety or on the proper operation of a HACCP based
food safety programme.” In open-loop processing such as in the meat, seafood
and poultry industry, this can be critical.

Certified products are
classified as suitable for use in various applications or areas of a food
facility. FZP (Food Zone Primary) items are suitable for use in the food
zone and are suitable for contact with food, including wiping down meat and
seafood. FZS (Food Zone Secondary) items are suitable for touching food contact
surfaces but are not expected to touch food during normal conditions of use.

Wipers and cloths that are
marketed with claims that they are suitable for direct contact with food must
be verified to be eligible for certification. If they are found to be
suitable for certification they will be classified FZP. Wipers that are
marketed for use as aids to cleaning and for use on food contact surfaces are
certified with the food zone classification FZS.

Global leading brand Tork Professional Hygiene
recognise the importance of HACCP certification and have a large number of
wipers, hand towels, soaps and dispensers that have passed the strict
certification criteria. When a business buys a Tork product with HACCP
certification they can be confident and assured that it has been assessed as
safe for use in the food industry.

“Tork is the only brand with wipers and cloths
that are HACCP certified FZP. It’s concerning that some open-loop food
processing businesses are using uncertified products in direct contact with
food. There is no knowing whether chemicals are leaching out or not,” explained
Rochelle Lake, Tork Professional Hygiene. “HACCP FZP and ISEGA certification on
Tork wipers and cloths make them a safer choice for the meat industry.”

HACCP FZP certified products
include Tork Basic Papers, Wiping Papers and Tork Heavy Duty Cleaning Cloths.
While Tork wiper dispensers are also HACCP certified – Splash or Spill Zone

“Verification of suitability
for direct food contact can be done in a number of ways. Commonly, HACCP
International will review and verify laboratory reports of testing for
compliance to EU10/2011 and the requirements of EC1935/2004. The tests are used
to check that the wiper (for example) does not let dangerous chemicals leach or
migrate into food during contact,” said Constable.

If your business currently
uses wipers, cloths or paper towel to wipe down meat and fish, you should be
checking if it’s HACCP FZP. If it’s in the food zone, being food contact safe
simply reduces the risk.

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