Fluicell’s BioPen open channel microfluidic device for single cell experiments

Scitech presents the Fluicell BioPen, a powerful open channel microfluidic
device designed to maintain localised superfusion in single cell experiments,
enabling control of the chemical environment around single intact cells in
tissue or cell cultures.

Comprising of a high precision pressure controller, a disposable pipette
tip inserted in a holder and PC software, the BioPen integrates with common
micromanipulators and microscopes. Essentially a flow chamber, the BioPen has a
small volume of fluid spatially confined within another, significantly larger
fluid volume. The two miscible or immiscible liquids are physically in contact,
separated only by means of a virtual boundary. Any mixing between the two zones
is largely defined by diffusion.

The experimental conditions necessary to achieve efficient confinement,
while inhibiting diffusion across the virtual boundary, are characterised by
low Reynolds and high PŽclet numbers.

The BioPen finds application in single cell enzymology, ion channel
kinetics, single muscle fibre physiology, single cell viability, isolated
exposure in brain slices, cell to cell molecular transport and bio-membrane

Please visit the Scitech website www.scitech.com.au
for more information or call 03 9480 4999.

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