Flow meters and controllers with Ethernet interfaces

Bronkhorst High-Tech announces the availability of EtherNet/IP and
Modbus-TCP interface options for their mass flow meters and controllers, as
well as their digital pressure controllers.

Similar to the previously developed EtherCAT and Profinet communication
protocols, EtherNet/IP and Modbus-TCP interfaces are based on Ethernet
communication. Therefore, they can be applied with standard Ethernet cabling
and also support an unlimited number of nodes.

EtherNet/IP (Ethernet Industrial Protocol) is designed for use in
industrial environments and time-critical applications. First presented by the
ODVA (Open Device Vendor Association) in the year 2000, EtherNet/IP is an open
communication protocol that adapts CIP (Common Industrial Protocol) to the
standard Ethernet.

The Modbus-TCP protocol is 100% Ethernet-compatible and used for data
exchange between I/O controllers and I/O devices (slaves/ field devices). It
adapts the widely used Modbus protocol to TCP/IP with Ethernet as the common
medium. Modbus-TCP is a master/slave (or client/server) system in which
Bronkhorst instruments can only be implemented as slave devices.

Backed by many years of experience with fieldbus communication, Bronkhorst,
with their ‘multi-bus’ concept offers their customers an extensive choice of
nine fieldbus interface options. The wide range of digital metering and control
devices is applied in many different markets, e.g. the food & beverage and
chemical industries, gas and fluid analysis equipment, glass and tool coating
processes, testing fuel cells for the automotive industry and in machinery used
to produce electronic chips, LED lights and solar cells.

For further information, please visit the AMS Instrumentation and Calibration website www.ams-ic.com.au or
call 03-9017 8225, or Freecall (NZ) 0800 442 743.

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