Flir T390 high temperature infrared thermal imaging cameras from TechRentals

TechRentals announces the
availability of the Flir T390 high temperature infrared thermal imaging cameras
on rental terms.

Suitable for almost any thermal
imaging application, the lightweight Flir T390 infrared cameras can measure within
a wide temperature range of -20¡C to +1,200¡C. The Flir T390 high temperature
infrared camera can be used for electrical surveys, building diagnostics and
mechanical inspections.

The improved refresh rate of 50 Hz
PAL and laser locator allow the Flir T390 to be used for inspecting moving

Key features of the Flir T390
thermal imaging cameras include 3.5″ colour touchscreen; auto and manual focus;
target illuminator; voice/text annotation; 3.1 MP visual light camera to
complement 320 x 240 thermal images; picture-in-picture overlay; panoramic
image stitching; automated periodic frame capture options with intervals from
10s to 24 hours; and USB connection allowing for 16-bit radiometric infrared
image streaming to PC.

A wide range of test and
measurement equipment can be rented from TechRentals for a day, a month, a year
or more. Significant savings can be achieved with TechRentals’ new long-term
rental rates.

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