Festo releases new proportional valve VPPX featuring an external sensor for increased process quality

announces the launch of a new proportional valve VPPX featuring an external
sensor input that offers users improved performance, maximum flexibility and
excellent process quality.

valve is a proportional integral derivative (PID) controller ideal for use in
industrial control systems found in process, packaging and water and wastewater
applications. By incorporating an external sensor, the valve eliminates friction,
hysteresis and leakage, enabling engineers to build faster and more accurate
machines and systems, while enhancing the quality and efficiency of their
processes. The sensor also helps the user achieve significant time savings even
in simple pressure regulation tasks.

proportional valve VPPX can be used as a level controller in bottling systems,
to control reservoirs, or for powders and granules with the aid of a pinch

features of the Festo proportional valve VPPX include positioning function
suitable for pneumatic axes in gantries or as positioners for valves in the
process industry as well as in water and wastewater applications; easily
programmable device using Festo Configuration Tools (FCT); and flexibility for
user to select the control circuit (internal/external), control behaviour
(direct/inverted), and setpoint value, actual value and sensor signals

previously, users had to specify whether the control signals were provided as
current or voltage when designing the system, they now have increased
flexibility to even decide at the last minute how the signal should be
transferred to the control system.

The setpoint value, initial pressure and external
sensor’s signal can be viewed in real time on the oscilloscope, and parameters
can be easily adjusted for optimum control characteristics, with set values
recorded for future use.

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