Festo extends VUVS and VUVG ranges with new cost-effective solenoid valves

has introduced a new range of economically priced solenoid valves to its existing
suite of VUVS and VUVG standard single valves.

well known for its range of high quality solenoid valves, Festo has now
introduced the new ‘blue star’ VUVS-LK…-S and VUVG-LK-…-S products that combine
this traditional superior quality with more economical pricing than has
previously been possible.

new solenoid valves are also compatible with the existing range, allowing
engineers to reliably mix and match VUVS and VUVG with other components and
accessories such as manifolds to give users added flexibility.

Compact valve VUVG-…-S

compact, the VUVG-…-S is the ideal pneumatic valve for diverse applications,
including small parts assembly, the electronics, food and packaging industries,
as well as for special machine construction. Made for tight installation spaces,
the new pneumatic valve comprises of valves and valve terminals for
applications where installation space, weight, flow rate and mounting
considerations are important. The highly flexible modular system meets many
user requirements.

Sturdy valve VUVS-…-S

a sturdy and modern design, the VUVS-…-S is widely used in many sectors and
markets, from conveying and filling plants to the wood industry, as well as in the
actuation of cylinders or compressed air networks. The pneumatic valve covers
up to 80% of all applications in tough and harsh environments in automation technology.
The VUVS-…-S can be used with an operating pressure of 2 to 8 bar, a flow
rate of up to 1000 l/min and in a temperature range of -5¡ to +50¡ Celsius.

Festo has invested in highly automated systems at its
new Scharnhausen Technology Plant in Germany for the production of VUVG and VUVS
valve ranges, enabling more customers to benefit from this combination of
superior quality and attractive pricing. 

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