Festo announces new entry-level standard valve range, the VUVS series

presents the VUVS series, a new range of entry-level standard valves featuring
a robust and durable design for a long service life.

the new benchmark for standard valves, Festo’s VUVS series can be quickly integrated
into the user’s machine design with easy mounting. The latest addition to Festo’s
solenoid valves range, the new VUVS series represents a robust, high quality
product available at an excellent price. The new valves also guarantee simpler
installation and assembly, and come with numerous standard functions and an
attractive design.

features and benefits of Festo’s VUVS valves include very high flow rates of up
to 2,000 l/min; valve range starts at 1/8″ ports in a 20mm body, simple to fit
on any machine; ideal for vacuum and low pressure applications such as simple
clamping and locking operations in semiautomatic assembly, as well as larger
production lines across all industries; and wide range of accessories including
manifold rails and cover plates for exceptionally flexible use and mounting.

Solenoid coils can be simply swapped for different
operating voltages, reducing warehouse costs, while the rotatable coil can be
adapted to make wiring easier in difficult installation conditions. The VUVS
valves are readily available pre-assembled with a 24V DC coil, or as ready to
install individual valves to suit different operating voltages, helping save time
and associated costs.

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