Federal government funds Australian Space Manufacturing Network


The government announced funding for the $157 million Australian Space Manufacturing Network (ASMN) under the collaborative stream of the 1.3 billion Modern Manufacturing Initiative.

Led by the Queensland-based Gilmour Space Technologies to grow sovereign space manufacturing, a fund of $52 million will see launch vehicles and satellites to space.

Australia’s space sector has already taken leaps and bounds and is globally recognised, minister for Industry, Energy and emission reduction Angus Taylor said.

“The race is on in the $600 billion global space economy, and the Australian Space Manufacturing Network will help cement the incredible opportunities for local companies to be part of the excitement of the launch,” Taylor said.

The ASMN proposal, supported by the Queensland government, aims to establish three new space facilities in Queensland – a common test and manufacturing facility, an advanced manufacturing facility and an orbital spaceport.

A common test and manufacturing facility will enable members to advance their space research and technology development at a lower cost. An advanced manufacturing facility will help build commercial rockets and satellites anchored by Gilmour Space.

The orbital spaceport at Abbot Point in North Queensland will help bring many of the products to space.

Rockets and satellites are key enablers of the global space economy, and this co-funding will provide timely support for emerging space manufacturers to develop and mature significant space capabilities in Australia, CEO of Gilmour Space Adam Gilmour said.

“Details have yet to be provided, but we intend to leverage on the MMI grant to engage in the full spectrum of space activities, from research and development to advanced manufacturing and launch,” Gilmour said.

The government is investing in Australian manufacturers to make them more competitive, resilient, and able to scale up to ensure industries of the future, member for Fadden Stuart Robert said.

“Gilmour Space Technologies is a great example of a local manufacturer using cutting-edge innovation and ingenuity to compete in global markets while keeping jobs right here on the Gold Coast,” Robert said.

The government’s funding will also support the Bowen Orbital Spaceport in North Queensland, preparing its launch pad to fire rockets into orbit.

The industry-led network will support Australia’s growing space sector and is expected to create more than 850 new jobs, including 350 space manufacturers in highly skilled engineering and technical roles over the next five years.

This is an example of how the federal government is growing the space sector for the benefit of all Australians, minister for Science and Technology Melissa Price said.

“This investment will rocket us toward our goal of tripling the size of the Australian space sector to $12 billion and creating up to an extra 20,000 new jobs by 2030,” Price said.

“Space and manufacturing go hand in hand. By backing this project, we are ensuring Australia can deliver across the entire supply chain, from design and manufacturing to launch and operation.”

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