Faytech’s IP65 resistive touch monitors for industrial applications

Faytech’s resistive touch series monitors, available from Backplane Systems Technology, are designed rugged for use in demanding applications.

Featuring lockable standard connectors, a unique cable channelling back
cover, LED backlight, resistive touch screens, extra robust components, wide
range power supply, multiple video inputs, and an extended
temperature range, the new resistive touch series monitors are available in
sizes from 7 inches to 21.5 inches.

Key features of Faytech’s resistive touch monitors include sunlight readable
(1000Nits) rugged design with dust and water resistance to IP65; aluminium
enclosure; all-in-one cable solution for HDMI or VGA connection; USB for touch;
8-36VDC power connection; operating temperature range of -25¡C to +75¡C; high-performance
LCD panels with LED backlighting; speciality films and enhanced polarisers facilitating
a perfect picture even under direct sunlight; buttons on the front to change
brightness levels; 5-wire resistive touch screen fitted to the monitors; and VESA
75 mounting.

Cable connections, colour, logos, housings and fixing points can all be
customised for the IP65 monitor series from Faytech.

For further information, please visit the Backplane
Systems Technology website www.backplane.com.au
or call (02) 9457 6400.

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