Faulhaber Series R extended with new 26/1R and 32/3R Series gearheads

Faulhaber has introduced new 26/1R and 32/3R Series gearheads, extending
their Series R metal planetary gearhead portfolio beyond the existing 20/1R
model. Measuring 26mm and 32mm in diameter respectively, the new products represent
the evolution of previous 26/1 and 32/3 gearheads, maintaining the same
geometry to guarantee mechanical compatibility with their predecessors.

The output power available for impulsive cycle operation has been more
than doubled compared to the previous generation, showing a key performance
improvement made possible through deep design analysis, extensive testing and
meticulous validation.

The new 26/1R and 32/3R gearheads significantly improve input speed by
achieving continuous input speed up to 9000 rpm and 8000 rpm respectively,
resulting in an impressive 100% increase. In intermittent operation conditions,
the input speed can reach up to 10000 rpm and 9000 rpm respectively, to exploit
at best DC or brushless motor capability. Maximum output torque has also been
enhanced to exhibit up to 4 Nm and up to 8 Nm in continuous operation.

The new 26/1R and 32/3R gearheads are available with one to five stages,
and the span of the 13 possible reduction gear ratios ranges from 3.7:1 to
1526:1. Key features also include no axial play in the output shaft thanks to
the preloaded ball bearing; typical operating temperature range of -10¡C to
+125¡C with options available for lower temperature range of -45¡C to +100¡C;
and flexibility to be used in combination with many motors using various
technologies such as DC motors, brushless motors and stepper motors with diameter
starting from 23mm up to 35mm.

Faulhaber specialises in the development, production and deployment of
high-precision small and miniaturised drive systems, servo components and drive
electronics with output power of up to 250 watts. The product range includes
brushless motors, DC-micromotors, encoders and motion controllers.

In addition, Faulhaber offers customer-specific
product development and complete solutions for application areas such as
medical and laboratory technology, automation technology and robotics, precision
optics, aerospace and other industries.

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