Faraday releases electromagnetic field generator with new immunity test solution

Bulky RF power amplifiers used for decades to perform radiated immunity
testing cause immunity systems to lose up to half of their power to heat, cable
loss, couplers and other hardware components. Until now, engineers have had to
compensate for these losses by increasing the size of the amplifiers.

Designed to address these inadequacies, the new EMField Generator from ETS-Lindgren
integrates separate components in a compact, modular and extremely efficient
testing tool.

According to Bryan Sayler, Senior Vice President of ETS-Lindgren, the
new electromagnetic field generator challenges the traditional assumption that
delivering higher field strength requires more power. He adds that labs looking
to test in the 1 GHz to 6 GHz range can use the EMField Generator as a highly
efficient and portable alternative to the traditional amplifier and antenna

Key features of the EMField Generator include unique, integrated
solution combining amplifiers, directional couplers, power meters and an
antenna array into one simple design; most of the generated power converted
into usable field strength; and minimal loss of RF power, low installation
cost, less cabling and reduced calibration costs.

EMField Generator is one of many new innovations from ETS-Lindgren, a
company that continues to deliver products with cutting-edge performance for
professionals in the EMC and RF testing space.

ETS-Lindgren products are available in Australia from Faraday Pty Ltd.

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