Ezi-Duct dust collector installed for Men’s Shed in Queensland

Ezi-Duct supplied and installed a dust collection system for the
woodworking section of a Men’s Shed facility in Queensland.

A major community development initiative for men in Australia, Men’s
Shed plays an important role in keeping men healthy by providing a safe and
relaxing environment where they can be productive, contribute to the community,
connect with friends and maintain an active mind and body.

Australia’s leading company in dust collectors and fume extraction
equipment, Ezi-Duct installed the Australian designed eCompact 9000 dust
collector for a large Queensland Men’s Shed.

The eCompact 9000 features a compact design that makes it perfect for
sawdust collection in woodworking rooms. Designed to be fitted into small plant
rooms or in an outdoor environment, the dust collector incorporates a powerful
15 kW high efficiency fan and operates under negative pressure, preventing wood
chips or dust from passing through the fan. The collected wood waste is
deposited directly into the unit’s two wheelie bins for easy disposal with no
heavy lifting.

Key features of eCompact 9000 dust collectors include heavy duty galvanised
steel construction, undercoated and top coated for long-lasting service and
corrosion resistance; multiple filter bags automatically cleaned whenever the
unit is switched off via a vibration motor mounted inside and controlled by a
PLC in the control panel; and Ezi-Duct modular ducting connecting the unit to
the facility’s many woodworking machines.

Ezi-Duct modular ducting provides superior air flow for dust extraction
and fume extraction systems. Quick and easy to install, the ducting cuts down
installation time by 50 per cent.

Ezi-Duct operates branches and factories in
Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Contact the company for advice on your dust
extraction or fume extraction requirements.

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