Ezi-Arm fume arms keep dust and smoke out at fabrication company

A welding fume
extraction system installed by Ezi-Duct at a Northern Queensland fabrication
company is helping keep the air clean and free of smoke and dust for welders. The
Townsville-based company produces equipment for the mining industry.

The welding fume
extraction system installed by Ezi-Duct Queensland consisted of six 4.6m Ezi-Arm
original fume arms, Ezi-Duct smooth bore modular ducting, an Ezi-Duct CBS 400 centrifugal
fan and an Ezi-Duct ducting silencer.

Ezi-Duct’s Ezi-Arm
fume arms come in three sizes – 2.2m, 3.0m and 4.6m. Since the welding bays at
the fabrication company were quite large, the 4.6m fume arms were selected for
the application. All support mechanisms of the Ezi-Arm are fitted externally to
ensure the internal airflow is free from any obstructions. This makes the
Ezi-Arm the best performing fume arm on the market.

The hood is
manufactured from robust lightweight plastic and fitted with a robust handle,
making the Ezi-Arm very light and manoeuvrable. The 4.6m Ezi-Arms are connected
to Ezi-Duct smooth bore modular ducting in the roof space and then to an
Ezi-Duct CBS 400 centrifugal fan.

The centrifugal fan
is an industrial quality, high efficiency fan that produces around 40 per cent
more airflow and pressure than a conventional fan. The 4.0 kW motor on the
Ezi-Duct CBS 400 produces around 9000 m³/h @ 150pa.

An Ezi-Duct ducting
silencer is also fitted to minimise noise created by the welding fume
extraction system.

The client is
delighted with the simple operation and performance of the Ezi-Arm fume arms in
keeping smoke and fine dust away from the welders.

As Australia’s
leader in the field of dust collectors and fume extraction equipment, Ezi-Duct aims
to provide the most innovative and efficient designs to best protect workers.
Ezi-Duct has offices and factories in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria as
well as several experienced staff backed by qualified engineers who can visit
your factory to provide free advice on your dust collection requirements. 

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